My family has a long history of cancers. 

I had a cousin, who when fourteen, was diagnosed with leukemia. I had two aunts die of lung cancer, one a smoker one not. My father died from mesothelioma, my brother has NHL(in remission) my other brother had a daughter who died from leukemia about a year ago,and my son was undiagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma for 4 years.

He was stage 4 when one smart doc figured out what was going on and saved his life. He is 2 years in remission but is suffering the effects of the high dose chemo given to save him. He suffers from what he calls "chemobrain". He sometimes starts driving and forgets where he's going. He will be sitting with friends and not know how he got there. He is being seen by multiple docs and all say it will eventually go away. 

However his brain MRI's show portions of his brain looking like a parkinsons brain but no symptoms of parkinsons and only some areas of the brain. Multiple cysts have been found and treated but he keeps developing new ones.

I am amazed at the strength he shows. He is a youth leader in his church and, although he can't work a regular job, has an online business that is flourishing. I couldn't be prouder.

Valerie, Nathan threw a punch at your cancer.
Valerie, John sent you a prayer.
Valerie sent you a hug.
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There are some things cancer can't take from us. He sounds like an amazing person. I wish him the best and for you too. You have quite a history in your family. I'm wondering if anyone is studying your family history and genes. At Dana Farber while collecting information for their studies they talked about cluster cases where certain kinds of cancer occur in many family members.
Mayo Clinic has blood and tissue samples. So far no commonalities

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support groups are wonderful for learning the different sides of cancer

only symptom was swelling of right side of nose

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