bone marrow biopsy results

I am very frustrated right now. After waiting 10+ days to get my results, there is nothing definitive to say I have cancer and nothing that says I don't.

The doc tells me that the biopsy of the retroperitoneal mass shows no cancer yet lit up during the pet scan. The bone marrow biopsy shows no cancer in my blood or bone marrow however there is "excessive cellularity" that can't be explained. (I don't know what he means by excessive cellularity and can't find a laymans terminology that explains it).

So, he is setting me up for another cat scan and we will take it from there.  


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My thought is you can call the dr's office and ask what that means. I bet there are nurses and assistants that are familiar with the term and can explain it easily. Glad they are not finding cancer.
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first thing I did, no help. Dr at conference this week so no answer from him
When I had my first PET Scan, it was diagnostic because they weren't sure where the cancer was, exactly. The surgeon was puzzled because the scan indicated "differential cells", which is a bit crazy because PETS don't read cell types! It turned out to be either nothing, or possibly a snafu regarding the SLE I've had for most of my life. Everything I've read about your results does not really indicate cancer. So, I honestly don't know what to tell you. Maybe try a different medical group for another opinion. You owe yourself that. PETs DO light up for other ailments, like severe arthritis and not just cancer; though they light up brightest for CA and a good oncologist knows the diff😉
I had two biopsies done, and they couldn't figure me out. They sent the 2nd biopsy to a big University Hospital, then the day if biopsy #3 they figured it out just before surgery! Ask them to send results and sample to another facility is my suggestion. MGBY.
Getting second opinion from Mayo clinic
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